ALEXANDER (professor) MINDSWIFT of the Raven Clan

        Raised in a wealthy Kalenwald family,
my childhood is full of pleasant memories.
     I had two wonderfull parents, servants to play with, and everything a child could want.
     My parents saw my intellectual prowess early on. I was always interested in the way things worked. I wanted to know why things happened.
When my father, a renowned alchemist, discovered me not only working with, but solving his most dificult formulas at a young age, he insisted that I pursue a continuing education.

     I applied to the University of Kessington and easily passed the entrance exam.
     My parents were more than happy to fund my extensive studies.
I worked dilegently throughout my years of study, and I graduated early, at the top of my class, with a degree in physics, and a  minor in meterology. I was awarded the honorary status as a professor by the University after years of post-graduate work.

     Although i had a happy childhood, i was restless. "Magic", the forbidden art of the Maquisian people, facinated me. I read stories of this strange phenomenon from the penny dreadfuls.
     What bothered me most was the seeming inability for "Magic" to be explained.
     I put my curiosity to the back of my mind simply because I was unable to study it further.